Cooking Studio

At our professional kitchen, we organize cooking classes to teach you easy ways to make your food choices more sustainable.

Our cooking studio is located at the ground floor of Mandeville building (Erasmus University Rotterdam). We organize sustainable cooking classes with healthy and plant-based ingredients for EUR students, organizations and corporations.

Our Goals are:

  • To organize food events and cooking workshops that bring students and other groups together in an enjoyable environment.
  • To develop and test new plant-based products together with food professionals
  • To test the marketing and perceived taste of old and new plant-based products

Co2 reduction by cooking!

This is the main principle of our Sustainable Cooking Workshops. We demonstrate how we can achieve Co2 reduction by using seasonal, local and plant-based ingredients, but also by applying certain energy-saving cooking . All our recipes are Co2 labelled.

A second main principle of our cooking studio is the use of all our senses to prepare a tasty dish. Research show that our taste is a result of a series of connections in our brain, collecting information from all 5 senses. At our cooking studio, we explore new flavours to enjoy sustainable dishes.