Banana Milk

Banana milk is an extremely popular drink in South Korea that has been around for decades. If you are not very familiar with it, you might have seen it in the hands of your favorite k-pop artists. To celebrate the fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisines at the Wednesday Workshop, of course we have to add cinnamon to give it a Mexican twist!


For 4-6 small cups

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  • 60

    frozen ripe banana’s

  • 750


    almond milk

  • 5


    rice syrup

  • 1


  • 1



Take out your high-speed blender and add the bananas and the almond milk to a high-speed blender. Process until completely smooth, for about 1 minute. Add rice syrup and vanilla, blend another 1 minute. Pour in glasses. Decorate each glass by adding cinnamon powder on top.

Keep refrigerated until served.